Yin and Yang. They are two opposite yet complementary energies. What does this really mean? Although they are totally different—opposite—in their individual qualities and nature, they are interdependent. Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate.


 Affinity Travel and Expense Brings Yin and Yang

To Travel and Expense Sales and Procurement


QUESTION:  Who is happier, the sales professional making 30+ dead-end Cold Calls a day? Or the CFO/Procurement professional who is bombarded with 30+ unsolicited e-mails and phones calls a day from Sales Reps?

ANSWER:   Neither are happy…

Affinity Travel and Expense is disrupting this traditionally arduous task of buying and selling Travel and Expense by creating a collaborative selling and buying approach. This collaborative Yin-Yang approach provides Channel Partner sales professionals an enhanced consultative relationship with their clients, and provides a warm introduction to a new prospect, eliminating the typical reluctance to connect. And for the Corporate Buyer, this approach ensures a superior customer experience as the buyer has the greatest opportunity to be heard, understood, and served, without being sold something they don’t need.


Collaborative selling has always been a way of life in travel and expense. There are many businesses and segments of the markets which naturally complement each other without qualifying to be a core components of that business. Affinity’s Yin-Yang collaboration model is about to transform them into a natural part of the Travel and Expense ecosystem.


At the heart of travel, expense and corporate card providers is a commitment to act as a strategic consultant to corporate buyers and managers. This creates a need for a full range of expertise with technologies, 3rd party vendors and regulations, which does not always come naturally within the traditional travel and expense sales professional’s realm. Affinity Travel and Expense’s unique partnerships, and affiliations with leading edge channel partners allows Affinity to find the best concentration of build-to-suit Travel and Expense programs, based on each Corporate Buyer’s specific need.


Affinity Travel and Expense is cultivating a massive peer driven knowledge network of Travel and Expense Procurement Professionals and Vendor Partner Sales Professionals to whom we are a compelling information and knowledge resource for the buying community. Affinity Travel and Expense can provide a direct sales channel that generates quick and focused procurement activity for you and your company.

We offer Advice and Consulting in many cost-saving areas, including:


  •          Travel Management – Business Travel, Group, Meeting and Incentive Travel

  •          Emerging and sustainable travel and expense technologies

  •          Corporate Card – Virtual Card

  •          Value Added Tax Audit and Recovery

  •          Insurance

  •          Employment Services, Payroll/HR Administration

  •          Bank Services

  •          Utilities and Energy

  •          Fleet Management

  •          Freight Management, TL, LTL and small package shipping

  •          Office Supplies

  •          Records Management  


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