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Affinity Travel and Expense began its referral partner program to generate new business sales leads for our “Vendor Partners” and their Sales Associates, creating increased sales revenue for our Partner Companies, and an incentive program for their Sales Associates.” We recognized early on the value and advantage of expanding ones reach through effective relationship connections. Affinity Travel and Expense defines our “Vendor Referral Partner” as “a professional sales executive or business entity leveraging their strategic relationships to introduce new business to each of our “Vendor Partners.” Our goal is to develop, educate and cultivate all of our “Referring Vendor Partners” and Sales Associates into high- performing referral partners, creating a consultative sales approach within the Travel, Expense and Card ecosystem.  

As a “Vendor Partner” you are introduced into our robust network of personal and professional relationships, and you can expect us to maintain the highest level of professionalism and integrity with each and every sales lead we send your way.

There are NO costs to becoming a Vendor Partner. All we ask is that you offer your fellow Vendor Partners an incentive for the sales leads they will be sending your way. And in return your own company's Sales Lead referrals will grow exponentially from your fellow Vendor Partners....

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