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"An affinity group is a group of people who share interests, issues, and a common bond or background, and offer support for each other. These groups can be formed between friends, or people from the same Industry-community, workplace or organization...Affinity groups can represent a narrow or broad definition of a dimension of diversity".


Become a part of our unique Travel and Expense Affinity Group, and get paid THOUSANDS of dollars just for sharing a lead. You will make more commissions on your own company sales, as well, by becoming an industry expert and consultant while getting a continuous list of leads from your T&E peers!

A  simple Partner Referral program can optimize your business’ sales cycles, producing qualified prospects that will maximize your sales funnel. Leading to a better ROI than cold calling or generating brand-new leads from scratch, referral programs can drive your marketing efforts further.

Informed and engaged Travel and Expense Vendor Partners give you referrals (sometimes without even asking). You turn those referrals into introductions so the new prospects will be open to hearing from you. From the introduction, you set an appointment to begin the client-courtship process. From there, you endeavor to win the new clients and make the sale. As you provide great value to the new clients, the process starts all over again and you offer a referral to another Vendor Partner and get paid for it. Its as SIMPLE as that.

One of the beautiful aspects of this dynamic is that it does not result in linear growth -- one new client at a time. This process creates exponential growth, where one client can lead to two, two to four, four to eight, and so on. Your business grows exponentially, and you get paid!

But before we start talking about how you can create a partner referral pipeline, let’s make sure you know the full benefit of working from Vendor Partner referrals.

Top 10 Reasons Vendor Partner Referrals
Beat Out Almost Any Other Lead Generation Channel:

1) Low Cost

Referrals cost you nothing to share or acquire. (Do you know your “cost per lead” with other lead generation methods?) The only cost of a referral might be a few minutes of your time to fill-out an Affinity T&E lead form to earn a solid Vendor Partner collaboration and partner referral incentive. . 

2) More Trust

You start at a higher point of trust. When you meet a new prospect for the first time, you need to show up “trustworthy.” There is no better way to show up worthy of one’s trust than through an introduction from someone the prospect already trusts. Referrals are “borrowed trust.”

3) Fewer Pricing Objections

Your price is usually less of an issue. While your price, fee, or however you charge for your products or services is never off the table, when you work from referrals, people are almost always willing to pay a little more when you’ve been recommended by someone they trust. (In fact, if a significant component of your client attraction plan is referrals, you can usually charge more for your products and services).

4) Faster Sales Process

Your sales process moves faster. Most sales that start with a referral move through the sales process more quickly. Sales come faster because, again, you start at a higher point of trust. Many prospects come to you predisposed to do business with you.

5) Easier Closes

Your “closing ratio” is higher. Most businesses experience closing ratios of 10 to 30 percent from other lead sources. Referral-based sales usually close at 50 to 70 percent (sometimes even higher).

6) Bigger Sales

Your sales are often larger. Example: In the life insurance industry, a sale (“case size”) resulting from a referral is twice as large as those that come from other sources.

7) Advisor Status

Your prospects and clients are more likely to follow your suggestions. Prospects and clients you share with a Vendor Partner will follow your suggestions because they know their friend or colleague has had a good experience in following your Lead.

8) More Referrals

Referrals beget referrals. A client obtained through a Vendor Partner referral is more likely to get reciprocal referrals in return. And since many Vendor Partners will give you multiple referrals over time, your business growth is exponential.

9) Fun 

It’s a fun way to do business! You can create a “referral lifestyle” where the prospects you call want to hear from you, want to meet with you, trust you more from the start, and even call you!  


10) Lucrative   

Sharing  leads with Vendor Partners is not only fun and necessary, but it helps you stay immersed and up to date on Travel, Expense and Card industry trends. This helps you sell at a more consultative level to close more business. And on the backend, you can enjoy THOUSANDS of dollars in incentives for sharing leads with your Partners and Colleagues. 

Affinity Travel and  Expense is cultivating a massive peer driven knowledge network of Travel and Expense Procurement Professionals and Vendor Partner Sales Professionals to whom we are a compelling information and knowledge resource.  Affinity Travel and Expense can provide a direct sales channel that generates quick and solid sales activity for you and your company.

Take part in this revolution, sign-in and share a T&E sales lead or two and earn THOUSANDS in incentives. Enjoy getting solid sales leads from our other Vendor Partners as well.  

Affinity Travel and Expense 


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