Affinity Travel and Expense was born out of the idea that the Travel and Expense Ecosystem needed a marketplace platform where buyers of Travel and Expense could connect with, learn and buy directly from industry leaders.
As Sales professionals in the Travel, Expense and Card sector, we also needed a platform to collaborate, learn and share sales leads with each other, to offer our prospects and clients a greater understanding of their options. Working  together we can create programs, when implemented together, will increase a client's topline revenue while offering their Travelers a safer and more enjoyable Business Travel experience.
In sharing these ideas and sales leads, Clients will enjoy a more robust, Best-in-Class Travel and Expense program, and all Travel and Expense Sales Professionals will be compensated handsomely for sharing their sales leads and expertise.


Affinity Travel and Expense 
The Gathering Place to Learn, Share, Collaborate, Buy and Sell
All That is Travel and Expense
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